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Vehicle tracking in Bradford

Welcome to Owl Investigations website and our vehicle tracking in Bradford information.

We’ve been providing vital services to private individuals, corporate clients, the legal sector and government departments since 2001 and in August 2017 came under new management. Owl Investigations is renowned for quality cost effective investigations, tracking and tracing and surveillance operations.

Unlike the national investigation companies, we are based and live in and around Bradford so we know the area extremely well. We hit the ground running and this means less anxiety filled days for clients. It also equates to no accommodation or travel hours costs being passed on to our clients.

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Vehicle Tracking in Bradford

Excellent qualifications, training, capabilities, and experience help our vehicle tracking in Bradford operatives achieve accuracy. Confidentiality is guaranteed and we work in line with the Data Protection Act, industry, and legal requirements; always with our client’s goal in mind.

Owl Investigations vehicle tracking services are predominantly used by:

  • People who believe that their partner could be cheating on them.
  • Company management who want or need to monitor field-based team members’ whereabouts.

Amongst the Services we offer private investigator in Bradford specialise in;Vehicle Tracking in Bradford

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Owl Investigations Ltd – Vehicle Tracking in Bradford

By covertly placing a cutting-edge technology tracking device with GPS (Global Positioning System) on a vehicle (or fleet of vehicles,) accurate readings to within 5 meters are collected up to every 10 seconds.  Text alerts can be arranged if clients want to know if particular locations are entered, for example, a suspected lover’s or employee’s home address.

The duration that a vehicle spends in a place is logged and recorded. Vehicle tracking in Bradford specialists offers the facility to monitor the vehicle’s progress and its speed via a smartphone or computer. However, clients don’t need to stare at the screen constantly, unless they want to.  Flexibility and swift information access, under security password, are the clients to enjoy, at their convenience.

Owl Investigations vehicle tracking in Bradford experts achieve incontrovertible vehicle tracking in Bradford results without being a drain on your time or resources.

Owl Investigations – Your Local Investigator

A disciplinary or relationship showdown may not occur instantly and the technology accommodates this.  Data from several days, weeks or months before can be pulled from the logs ready for the moment when the company representative or partner wants to confront the other person or people about their activities. They’ll never learn from us that they were the subject of an investigation.

Contact Owl Investigations team today; we’re friendly, understanding and utterly professional.

  • During a free initial inquiry, we don’t ask for personal details.
  • We’re excellent listeners. We don’t judge, deride or diminish the issue. We help.
  • Our experts offer their professional advice based on years of experience.
  • If/when you proceed we meet at an agreed location to discuss your case requirements.
  • Our competitive costs are explained.
  • We don’t force clients into a course of action that they aren’t happy to pursue. At the end of the consultation you can walk away, safe in the knowledge that we won’t contact you, or take the positive step and ask our vehicle tracking in Bradford team to take your case.

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