Surveillance Services in Bradford

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Surveillance Services in Bradford

Owl Investigations team carries out surveillance services in Bradford for private, legal, government and commercial clients. Established in 2001, August 2017 saw the company taken over. Clients can be confident that standards are stellar, costs are competitive and our dedication to cases is as strong as the day we started.

We’re proud to have surveillance agents available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We efficiently and accurately secure the answers you need to allow life to restart with peace of mind at the earliest opportunity. It may be in the nature of other surveillance services in Bradford and beyond to try to lengthen cases to make money from your distress but Owl Investigation’s reputation has been built on honesty, integrity and timely results.

Surveillance Services in Bradford

Surveillance Services in Bradford

Owl Investigations is a member of the UK Professional Investigators Network and has comprehensive professional indemnity insurance. All investigations are managed in line with legislation including the Data Protection Act 1998 and industry standards.


Confidentiality is guaranteed. Our services in Bradford team is proficient and accomplished at ensuring that the subject of our surveillance work is not aware that they are being observed. We work either on an individual or team basis, on foot or in a vehicle, static or mobile, to obtain results.

Amongst the Services we offer private investigator in Bradford specialise in;Surveillance Services in Bradford

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Owl Investigations Ltd – Surveillance Services in Bradford

We can harvest electronic data from mobile phones, provide GPS logs of a vehicle’s location and provide time-stamped photographs and video footage. All items of evidence are suitable for use in court if legal proceedings are necessitated by the situation.

There are many reasons for surveillance services in Bradford, here are some of them:

  • Who is stealing from the company?
  • Who is damaging your premises overnight?
  • Is a tenant in your property subletting it?
  • Is management intimidation an issue at your workplace? Who? Why?
  • Is one of your staff passing sensitive data to a business rival?
  • Your partner says that they are staying away overnight for work purposes, are they?
  • Is your other half cheating or are you experiencing paranoia? They say you’re imagining things, you’re not so sure.

A compensation claim for injuries seems disproportionate to an incident. Could someone be taking advantage of the situation to gain money?

Owl Investigations – Your Local Investigator

If everyone in life was honest we wouldn’t have to offer surveillance services but this is not the reality. Audaciousness, greed, opportunity and sometimes stupidity or desperation are motivation to act irresponsibly or fraudulently. There are moments we would struggle to believe a situation was possible if we didn’t have the physical proof in our hands.

Owl Investigations surveillance services keep a careful watch on an individual or group to ascertain whether they are worthy of sympathy, legal action, a disciplinary or a sharp reprimand.

You’ll be delighted by the service levels and although the surveillance findings may not always be pleasant, they do allow you to move forward in certainty.

Our Bradford Detectives Will Help You With;

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Surveillance Services Bradford

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