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Bug Sweeping in Bradford

Thank you for visiting Owl Investigations bug sweeping in Bradford information. Bugging is not just the province of the secret services or film and book characters. The accessibility to these devices has increased and so has their usage.

Owl Investigations guarantees that total confidentiality is yours and we’ve heard many seemingly improbable scenarios, we may even have heard a tale like yours before, so please don’t feel intimidated or that we’ll laugh and question your sanity. We’re professional experts and we’ve seen it all. (Almost.)

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Bradfords Bug Sweeping Services

Our reputation has been built on excellence. From our first day, back in 2001, we have been driven to work accurately, cost-effectively and efficiently to restore clients’ peace of mind. We’ve become synonymous with quality operations. We’re industry approved and law-abiding; we deliver our promises. In August 2017 Owl Investigations changed ownership and this started another positive chapter in our story. 

Amongst the Services we offer private investigator in Bradford specialise in;Bug sweeping in Bradford

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Every bug sweeping in Bradford investigation specialist asks why someone would take the measure if installing audio or visual devices in your home, business premises, car or any other convenient, appropriate location. Only you can answer this initially and we work with you to get to the truth as accurately and swiftly as possible. Please be candid, it could save you greater distress in the long term.

  • Have you been behaving strangely?
  • Are you planning a secret holiday or party?
  • Could a partner believe that you are having an affair? Are they likely to use technology to uncover a betrayal rather than confrontation without proof?
  • Has a business competitor suddenly grabbed your market share? Have they been listening to your plans?
  • Does someone have what feels like far too much personal knowledge about you, perhaps a stalker? Someone who intends to harm you?
  • Is a person trying to inveigle their way into your life?
  • Are you be developing a sense of paranoia which is out of character?
  • Have you received an unscheduled visit from someone or an unannounced maintenance visit for the burglar or fire alarm, to check air conditioning or emergency lighting? Any of these could have been used as a ruse to plant devices.

In the previous few weeks have you received an unexpected gift, a new ornament, flowers or plaque? These could be harmless additions to your environment, or device holding gifts. We’ll find out with our bug sweeping in Bradford expertise.

Owl Investigators – Your Local Specialist

Bug sweeping in Bradford is a specialist skill and the growing demand on Owl Investigation’s team resources is an illustration that technology has become a device for good and bad in modern life. Our operatives know the tricks employed by novices and experts alike and our sweeps cover every inch of susceptible space.

When we’ve concluded the sweep, we’ll have established if there has been bugging and how many devices were installed.

A word of caution: Please don’t tear into your furniture, smash ornaments, throw items away just in case or make an obvious search for bugging devices. Call Owl Investigations bug sweeping in Bradford specialists. It’s much less stressful and more productive for you. 

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