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Bug Sweeping in Wakefield

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Far from only being part of fiction or film, bugging is a real-world problem which is creating an increasing demand for our specialists’ resources. If you suspect that you need bug sweeping in Wakefield specialists then please get in touch immediately.

Make a search online and you’ll soon see that bugging information and devices are easy to source. You can purchase bug kits, schematics, bugging devices with audio and/or visual capabilities, laser microphones, remote activation and mobile phone activated bugs. Of course, not everyone who buys these devices is destined to use them for good. They’ve got them for their own gain and to harm the other party in personal, professional or legal matters.

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As anyone who’d use them for work purposes is probably tied to a government or police agency they wouldn’t be searching online for devices. The internet therefore allows people who shouldn’t be able to use these resources to do so and to learn information that they shouldn’t be in possession of. Purchasers could be contravening privacy laws, or numerous others, but that is not the vendors concern.

Amongst the Services we offer private investigator in Wakefield specialise in;Bug Sweeping in Wakefield

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Every bug sweeping in Wakefield investigation specialist asks one question: Why exactly would a person or group of people use bugging devices in your home, office or vehicle?

Please remember, you are guaranteed confidentiality and compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998 so being open with our bug sweeping in Wakefield team is sensible for comprehensive investigations and restored peace of mind.

Call our bug sweeping in Wakefield team as soon as you feel suspicious so we can establish if you’re being bugged, where these devices are, how many of them are installed and active.  Then, who is the visual/audio devices installer?

  • Have you been behaving strangely? You may be planning a surprise but how could it appear to another person? Is that person likely to use technology to catch you out?
  • Has a business competitor suddenly taken a chunk of your market share? Have they been listening to your plans so that they have an advantage over you?
  • Does someone have what feels like too much sensitive information about you? Do you have a stalker?
  • Are you developing a sense of paranoia which is out of character?


Have you received an unscheduled visit from someone?

  • A maintenance company representative or engineer.
  • A business associate or competitor.
  • A former colleague.
  • An old friend who may have an axe to grind.
  • A previous partner.
  • Have you welcomed a new employee, director or management?
  • Have you recently received any unexpected gifts, new ornaments, flowers, a framed certificate, a teddy bear for a child? These may be given to allow devices to be planted secretly.


Bug sweeping is a specialist skill so please don’t try to locate audio or visual bugs yourself.  Our bug sweeping in Wakefield operatives sweep every potentially affected space utilising experience, optimum techniques, team coordination and discretion.  You can trust us to restore your peace of mind.

Our Wakefield experts are keen to assist you.

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