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Cheating Partner Investigations in Wakefield

Owl Investigations Ltd

Cheating Partner Specialists in Wakefield

Welcome to Owl Investigations cheating partner investigations in Wakefield page.

When you’re living alongside suspicion every day becomes a challenge. From not being able to eat, sleep or relax to playing out scenarios in your mind or seeing clues of infidelity that may or may not be there, the world revolves around the potential cheating partner problem.

We appreciate that contacting professionals is not easy but you owe it to yourself to gain the truth to make informed decisions about your relationship and future. Unlike you, we don’t have to wade through emotions. We work objectively at your case.

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Cheating Partner Specialists in Wakefield

The findings of cheating partners investigations in Wakefield do not always seem positive but facts are better than conjecture. evidence is better than imagination.  The facts allow you to move forward.

Amongst the Services we offer private investigator in Wakefield specialise in;Cheating Partner Investigations in Wakefield

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Owl Investigations – Your Local Investigator

Owl Investigations cheating partners investigations in Wakefield service was established in 2001 and since August 2017 we’ve been under new management. We know that we do not live in a storybook world where everyone lives happily ever after and when you suspect someone of cheating we’ve learned throughout the years that these feelings normally have foundations.

Did you know that the human body is programmed to detect when something is out of the ordinary? If, for example, a partner starts transferring money between bank accounts or becomes vague about their home time from the office this triggers a negative reaction. Trust your instincts.

  • Has a partner’s appearance, wardrobe, weight and hair become a chief concern recently?
  • Is a partner deleting their mobile and internet history uncharacteristically or are they being secretive about messages?
  • Are they unusually keen to work overtime?
  • Do they offer excuses or avoid conversations with you?
  • Is a partner hiding expenditure from you?
  • Have they taken out a new credit card or created a separate bank account?
  • Is your partner really working away overnight?
  • A friend/colleague who was often mentioned is now never spoken about. Why?


The UK has overtaken other “cheating partner” famed countries in recent times.

In the UK 45% of men and 32% of women have confessed to cheating on their partner or spouse at least once. Men tend to think about cheating more often than women too.

This is compared to:

  • France: 30% males/27% females.
  • Spain: 56% males/34% females.
  • Italy: 59% males/35% females.
  • In the UK, 19% of women and 30% of men would cheat if they knew they wouldn’t get caught out.
  • 12% of both sexes in the UK believe that you shouldn’t feel guilty about infidelity if you were drunk at the time.


Cheating partner investigations in Wakefield may feel like an over-reaction but how else will you discreetly establish the facts with proof?

Owl Investigations team guarantees confidentiality and we conform to all legal and industry standards as proud members of the UK Professional Investigators Network.

During the free initial inquiry, we won’t ask for any personal information so why not give us a call or you can e-mail us. We want to help you restore your peace of mind.

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