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Vehicle Tracking in Wakefield

Welcome to Owl Investigations vehicle tracking in Wakefield information.  Whether you feel that you need to track a single vehicle or a fleet, we have the expertise and technology to help you achieve your aims.

Since 2001 our renowned vehicle tracking in Wakefield services have assisted individuals, commercial clients, the legal sector and government departments to monitor potentially cheating partners, official vehicles, field staff and employees taking advantage of being outside of the office environment.  August 2017 saw us gain new owners and we’re confident in the continuation of exceptional, cost effective, cutting edge technology vehicle tracking solutions which provide timely and compelling data.

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Vehicle Tracking in Wakefield

Our vehicle tracking in Wakefield team members are trained, qualified, skilled, experienced and industry accredited. They hold comprehensive indemnity insurance and work within the law as proud members of the UK Professional Investigators Network.

Vehicle tracking and privacy laws are complex but we guide clients through the current legislation to ensure that all regulations are followed. We explain the perimeters which GPS devices work to and how data is stored, managed and secure. Confidentiality is guaranteed to our clients and we are registered with the Data Protection Act 1998.

We don’t offer excuses. We deliver results.

Amongst the Services we offer private investigator in Wakefield specialise in;Vehicle Tracking in Wakefield

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Owl Investigations Ltd – Vehicle Tracking in Wakefield

When you need to know where someone or numerous people are, either in a personal or professional capacity, we use a sophisticated vehicle tracking device with GPS (Global Positioning System) which is covertly placed on a vehicle (or fleet of vehicles.) It is the perfect solution in time, accuracy and resources terms.

Employees don’t always appreciate knowing that a tracking device is on a vehicle, it makes them feel as if they’re under surveillance or distrusted but it is also a matter of staff welfare to have their geographical position data available. Covert devices are used to detect wrong-doing in many cases so it serves no purpose to advise the driver about the device.

The vehicle tracking device gives accurate readings to within 5 metres up to every 10 seconds. 

Text alerts can be arranged if clients want to know if specific locations are entered. e.g. a field staff members home area or an address you suspect your other half of frequenting during an affair.

Monitor a vehicle’s speed and progress easily via a smartphone or mobile; you don’t need to look at the screen continually because details are logged to be viewed at your convenience.

The inactive time is logged and this can prove vital when challenging someone. If a person tells you they were at work for 2 hours but the tracking reveals they left work at 17:50, pulled up at a specific street of interest where the vehicle remained static for 1 hour and 40 minutes, they have no wiggle room.  Facts always beat excuses and lies.

Data is accessible via a password, only holders will be able to view sensitive information.

Our vehicle tracking in Wakefield logs can be used in disciplinary procedures and legal action.

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