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Vehicle Tracking in Halifax

Welcome to Owl Investigations vehicle tracking in Halifax information. We hope that you’ll trust us with your case and allow our team to restore your peace of mind.

If you have a nagging doubt, a suspicion or a gut instinct that someone is being less than honest about their whereabouts, we can help.

Established in 2001, and since August 2017 under new management, we’ve witnessed the technological progression that has made vehicle tracking a comprehensive and non-invasive task. This, married with our vehicle tracking in Halifax operatives training, skills, commitment and powers of evaluation means that we offer top level efficiency, confidentiality and cost effective investigations.

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Two streams of clients utilise Owl Investigations vehicle tracking in Halifax services: people who believe that their partner could be cheating on them and company management who want to monitor field based team members’ whereabouts, maybe because of a reduction in productivity or to maximise safety. As a wage paying employer it’s not unreasonable to want to know that your staff aren’t sloping off home, pretending to be in meetings or parked in a layby for three hours.

By covertly placing a cutting edge technology tracking device with GPS (Global Positioning System) on the vehicle, accurate data to within 5 metres is collected up to every 10 seconds.  

The duration that a vehicle spends in any place is also logged and alerts can be set up for travel in to or from particular areas. For example, the home address of an employee who should be on the road until 5p.m. each work day or the street in which you think your partner’s lover resides in.

Amongst the Services we offer private investigator in Halifax specialise in;Vehicle Tracking in Halifax

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Vehicle Tracking in Halifax

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Vehicle tracking in Halifax specialists offer the facility to monitor the vehicle’s progress and speed via a smartphone or computer. However, there’s no need to stare at the screen constantly, data is saved and is easy to access.

Data from several days, weeks or months can be pulled from the records when the company or partner is ready to confront the other party about their activities. We appreciate that a disciplinary or relationship showdown may not occur instantly and we are proud to have technology that works to your convenience.

Owl Investigations vehicle tracking in Halifax services utilise the best professional tools which achieve consummate vehicle tracking in Halifax results without being a drain on time or resources.

For security, data is password protected so only authorised people can access records.

  • During a free initial inquiry, no personal details are necessary.
  • We’re friendly, sympathetic, excellent listeners.
  • Our experts offer their professional opinion based on years of experience.
  • If you decide to proceed we discuss your case requirements in detail and explain how our services and skills can help to answer your questions.
  • Costs are explained fully and don’t present you with any nasty shocks.

You can leave your vehicle tracking in Halifax case conversation and never hear from Owl Investigations again or instruct us to start work on your case.

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