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Bug Sweeping in Halifax

Owl Investigations Ltd

Bug Sweeping in Halifax

Thank you for visiting Owl Investigations bug sweeping in Halifax information.

Rest assured that when you discuss and entrust your case with our highly qualified and experienced team that total confidentiality is guaranteed.

Our reputation has been built on excellence, from day one in 2001, we have been driven to secure our clients the peace of mind that they crave. We’re cost effective, industry approved and law-abiding investigators and we deliver our promises in an efficient and accurate manner.

In August 2017 Owl Investigations got new owners; this was another positive step in our story. Top rated industry specialists at the helm only make us even more determined to achieve our clients’ goals.

Owl Investigations Bug Sweeping Video

Bug Sweeping Specialists

Unlike the national chains, we are based and live in and around Halifax so we know the area extremely well and don’t have to learn about the geography or communities before we start work. We can hit the ground running and this means less anxiety filled time for clients.

Excellent qualifications, training, specialist skills and experience make our bug sweeping in Halifax cases run smoothly.

Amongst the Services we offer private investigator in Halifax specialise in;Bug Sweeping in Halifax

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Owl Investigators – Your Local Investigator

At the root of every bug sweeping in Halifax investigation is the question why?

If you believe that your conversations are being bugged and that your corporate or private information is being delivered to an inappropriate and unwanted third party why would someone use such an underhand method? What can they gain from what they hear or see?

Have you been behaving strangely? Could it appear to a partner that you are having an affair? Are they likely to use technology to uncover suspected betrayal?

Has a business competitor who has been trying to gain your market share suddenly overtaken your firm in sales and profits, seeming to be one step ahead of you?

Does someone have what feels like far too much personal knowledge about you, perhaps a stalker? Someone who intends to harm you?

Do you seem to be developing a sense of paranoia which is completely out of character?

The advances in technology and the availability of bugging devices which feature video and audio tools means that bugs are increasingly being employed and bug sweeping in Halifax is a growing demand on Owl Investigation’s team resources.

Have you had the pleasure of an unscheduled visit from someone recently or an unannounced maintenance call for on-site facilities, perhaps the burglar alarm, emergency lighting, a local authority pest controller who had allegedly received a complaint?

In the previous few weeks have you received an unexpected gift, a new ornament or plaque? Whilst all these could be perfectly harmless occurrences, they may have provided the perfect cover story for planting a bugging device in your office, home, car, garage, and so on without your suspicions being aroused.

Bug sweeping in Halifax operatives know the tricks and our sweeps cover every inch of susceptible space.

Please don’t rip open your furniture, smash ornaments or make an obvious search for bugging devices. Call our specialist bug sweeping in Halifax team, we’ve got a proven track record and act swiftly and cost effectively to restore peace of mind.

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    Let Owl Investigations  Take You Under Our Wing

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