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What Does A Corporate Private Detective Do?

Here at Owl Investigations we offer personal private detectives as well as corporate private detectives. Many business clients are unsure if they need a personal private detective or a corporate private detective.

More often than not, a business client will need a corporate private detective. In this blog post we look at what a corporate private detective does and how they can help you and your business.

Loss Prevention

Are their losses taking place in your business? This could be theft inside your workplace for example. A corporate private detective can pose as a new employee or fake customer for your business and help uncover the truth. If there is theft within your business our detectives will uncover it. This will help towards the loss prevention within your business.

Claim Investigation

Do you think that an employee is making a false claim against your business for a fall in the workplace or sickness for example? Our claim investigation detectives will run a surveillance project on your behalf and see if the employee is as sick or injured as they claim. This can also be done for potential false customer claims too.

Banking Fraud

Have you noticed that there is less money in the business bank account than there should be? Perhaps less money is showing in your cash flow or something doesn’t seem quite right with your banking? We can look into your business and your banking to see if banking fraud is taking place.

Background Checks

While a candidates CV may look good, how much do you really know about them? The candidate may have references but do they seem too good to be true, or just a little bit suspicious? If it feels like there is something not quite right about a new potential candidate, why not use our background checks service?


These are just some of the services that a corporate private detective can do for you business. Call us now to see how we could help you. All calls will be dealt with in complete confidence.


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