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Your Checklist For A Cheating Partner

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 Your Checklist For A Cheating Partner

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Your Checklist For A Cheating Partner

When you think your partner is cheating on you it is a horrible feeling. You feel like you’re going mad, friends tell you that you’re crazy for thinking that and your partner blames the way you feel on your past. Yet still, that feeling that you have a cheating partner stays within your gut.

If you have a cheating partner there will be certain behaviours and characteristics that will change about them. In this blog post we have put together a checklist for a cheating partner. Take a look at the list below and see how your partner scores.

  • Is your partners’ computer locked with a password when it wasn’t before? Are they are unwilling to let you use it, when this was never a problem before?
  • Has your partner got a new mobile phone suddenly, and seems to have no reason for having a new phone?
  • Perhaps your partner suddenly has to work late into the evening or work away some nights?
  • Have they start saying ‘you’re just paranoid’ all the time you ask about anything in their work or personal life?
  • Has your partner stopped letting the kids play games on their phone, when this was a regular occurrence before?
  • Maybe their routine has changed, they are washing more, buying new clothes or wearing a different aftershave or perfume?
  • Does your partner have a new credit card or there have been unusual amounts leaving the joint account?
  • Have the bills stopped coming to your house and they are being emailed to your partner instead.

If you have found yourself nodding to one or more of these questions then it is likely that your partner is cheating on you. This checklist for a cheating partner points are often the first signs that your partner is cheating on you.

While this is not real proof or evidence that you are being cheated on, they are signs that you could have a cheating partner. It may mean that your suspicions are right and you should follow that gut feeling.

If you want to catch your cheating partner then call our team. We have specialists private investigators that catch cheating partners. They will give you all the evidence and proof you need. You can then decide what you will do next, but your fears and worries will have been resolved.

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