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Welcome to Owl Investigations vehicle tracking in Huddersfield information.

Since 2001 our specialists have been providing vital services to individuals, commercial clients, the legal sector and government departments with great success.  In August 2017, we came under new management.

We are proud of our reputation, excellent qualifications, training, capabilities and experience which make our vehicle tracking in Huddersfield operatives achieve clients’ goals. Confidentiality is guaranteed and we work in accordance with the Data Protection Act, the industry and legal requirements.

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Owl Investigations vehicle tracking in Huddersfield services are normally used by:

  • People who believe that their partner might be cheating on them.
  • Business management – To monitor field based team members’ whereabouts.

There are strict guidelines about vehicle tracking which we guide you through.

A covertly placed sophisticated vehicle tracking device with GPS (Global Positioning System) on a vehicle (or fleet of vehicles,) produces accurate readings of within 5 metres and can be set at a frequency of every 10 seconds. 

Text alerts can be arranged if clients want to know if specific locations are entered, for example, a suspected lover’s or employee’s home address.

The duration that a vehicle spends in a place is recorded so if the matter is contested at a later point in time, the proof is readily available and incontrovertible.

Vehicle tracking in Huddersfield specialists offer the facility to monitor a vehicle’s progress and speed via a smartphone or computer. This doesn’t mean that attention must be given to the tracking 24/7, information is logged.

Data can only be accessed via a security password.

Evidence can be pulled from the records after weeks and months of tracking. We understand that a disciplinary or confrontation won’t necessarily be immediate.

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Owl Investigations vehicle tracking in Huddersfield experts urge you to consider the following points for business needs:

  • The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has recorded that around a third of road traffic accidents involve an individual who drives as their occupation.
  • The HSE expects employers to manage and reduce the risks to the public and to their employees. The consequences of neglecting the duty of care or allowing a driver to work beyond safe limits are severe. Excuses simply won’t work.
  • The Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007 came in to effect in 2008. This concerns an incident when death has resulted from a road traffic accident caused by:


  • A neglect of driver risk management.
  • No vehicle maintenance.
  • A faulty vehicle.
  • Driver behaviour e.g. fatigue.


A GPS vehicle tracking device offers visibility of where someone is and they can be recalled or their safe condition guaranteed from base efficiently. This management tool is cost-effective, technology driven and shows a commitment to the HSE that safety is a primary company concern. 

Vehicle tracking can be used to alert base staff if a vehicle deviates from its route plan or stays at a relative’s address rather than a work drop-off, pick-up point during working hours.

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