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Huddersfield Detectives

Owl Investigations Ltd

Your Local Detectives

Huddersfield Detectives

Thank you for visiting Owl Investigations dedicated Huddersfield detectives’ page.

Our highly esteemed company was formed in 2001 and since August 2017 has had new management. We work on corporate, private, legal and government cases and we pride ourselves on our service levels, cost-effectiveness, use of technology, motivation and perseverance.  

The Huddersfield detectives are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and all are industry approved, work within the law and investigator guidelines as UK Professional Investigators Network members. Specialists have passed stringent tests to be a member of the Owl Investigations team. Confidentiality is guaranteed.

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Owl Investigations Huddersfields Detective

Investigations and undercover investigations – Our Huddersfield detectives meticulously plan and execute every investigation. We are adept at undercover investigation work so our real identity and purpose remain secret.

Surveillance – Our innately talented Huddersfield detectives work on foot, in a vehicle, static, moving, in teams and as solo operatives. Surveillance delivers compelling results. Visual proof is always in high definition.

Lie detector tests – Our Huddersfield detectives are qualified lie detector test providers. Physiological data confirms or refutes the spoken claims.

Background checks – Does a job candidate seem too good to be true? Is a new partner worryingly elusive about their past? Are they who they say they are? We can check.

Cheating partners – Owl Investigations Huddersfield detectives can confirm if your relationship is in jeopardy. Three is a crowd.

Amongst this Service we offer private investigator in Huddersfield also specialise in;Huddersfield Detectives

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Huddersfield Detectives

Co-habitation investigations – When someone continues to claim financial support from an ex-partner when they have a new partner and are ineligible, this constitutes fraud. This investigation type is increasing in volume.

Moonlighting – Employees may decide to work for more than one company at the same time; our Huddersfield detectives will discover the truth.

Fraudulent sick leave –Our Huddersfield detectives evaluate and prove whether an absence from work is genuine or exploiting the goodwill of the employer.  

Fraudulent compensation claims – We proactively work to ascertain the integrity of a claim. Evidence can halt court action.

Employee investigations – This term covers areas from theft to bullying, drug abuse to ignoring legislation, discrimination to industrial espionage.

Vehicle tracking – Our Huddersfield detectives use cutting edge technology GPS tracking devices on a fleet or single vehicle. Readings every ten seconds with five metre accuracy, text alerts and security password access to logs are available.

Bugging device sweeping – Audio and visual devices are widely purchasable and are being increasingly employed. Ask yourself why someone would bug your home, office or vehicle. What would they gain?

Subletting issues – Is a tenant subletting your property, causing damage or disturbances to neighbours? Call our Huddersfield detectives immediately about surveillance and other measures.

Tracing individuals – We find people on a “no find, no fee” basis. Many cases are resolved within 48 hours of client contact. 

We’re based in Halifax and primarily serve West Yorkshire, Leeds, Bradford, Huddersfield, Wakefield, Sheffield and the surrounding area. However, we also have an extensive network of national and international colleagues. Owl Investigations Halifax detectives will get you results through hard work, dedication and professionalism.

Our Huddersfield Agents will help you with;

Cheating Partner Investigations in Huddersfield

Surveillance Services in Huddersfield

Tracing in Huddersfield

Vehicle Tracking in Huddersfield

Bug Sweeping in Huddersfield

Employee Investigations in Huddersfield

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