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Terms & Conditions

Owl Investigations 

Terms & Conditions


Throughout our terms and conditions you will find that ‘You’ refers to all clients of Owl Investigations Ltd, regardless of whether you are a person or company. The terms ‘us’, ‘we’, ‘our investigators’ and ‘our detectives’ refers to the team here at Owl Investigations Ltd and Owl Investigations Ltd as a whole.

Owl Investigations Ltd Services

Here at Owl Investigations Ltd we shall provide the service(s) that the client requires, in accordance to all and any instructions given verbally or in writing.

These services will begin and end as and when both parties agree and all services will be completed in the shortest possible time, in the most efficient manner and supported by the appropriate report and / or proof and evidence if required and available.

You will pay Owl Investigations Ltd for their time on the operation or project, regardless of the outcome. However, Owl Investigations Ltd and our detectives will always endeavour to produce a positive result for the client.

Owl Investigations Ltd Rental Agreement

When renting vehicle tracker(s) from Owl Investigations Ltd you agree to keep the information of the device and its location solely between you and us, any breech in the device details or its location will cancel your hire agreement immediately and Owl Investigations Ltd will take steps to retrieve the device with or without your knowledge. If the device is taken off, tampered with,  damaged or destroyed and it is because of your negligence then you agree to pay £1000 in costs to replace the device and pay for subscription fees.

Owl Investigations Ltd Payment

As a client you will be invoiced by Owl Investigations Ltd prior to the commencement of any service(s). The price you will be invoiced will be agreed by both the client and company in writing and full payment of the invoice must be received before any investigations begin.

Owl Investigations Ltd Cancellation Policy

If the client chooses to cancel the investigation at any time this must be done in writing 48 hours before the investigation or service(s) begin. If the cancellation is required after this time, or notice received after this time the client is required to pay for the service(s) already booked including any and all costs incurred by Owl Investigations Ltd.

Liability of Owl Investigations Ltd

Our detectives and team at Owl Investigations Ltd shall not be held liable for the loss and / or damages sustained by the client, no matter what the cause. Owl Investigations Ltd shall also not be held liable for any loss / damage sustained by the client as a result of any acts, errors or omissions by Owl Investigations Ltd or our employees. If a client chooses to place reliance on the information provided by Owl Investigations Ltd and our investigators we shall not held liable for any loss or damage that the client sustains.


Owl Investigations Ltd will always act within the law and although we are not required to do so we will endeavour to act within the guidelines set out by The Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 (RIPA)

When choosing to work with Owl Investigations Ltd the client agrees that he or she is solely responsible for complying with any taxes, laws and tariffs applicable. Further to this the client will defend and protect Owl Investigations Ltd , its employees, subcontractors and agents from any claims, suits, taxes, fines, tariffs, penalties or failure to comply with any such laws, taxes and tariffs while working for the client.

Client Confidentiality

The agents, representatives and Owl Investigations Ltd as a whole will never disclose any client information without being served the proper legal instrument that Owl Investigations Ltd must legally comply with, unless the client has requested in writing that they wish us to release the information to a third party.

If there is no such instrument and the client has not given their authority to release the information then the information will not be given. Owl Investigations Ltd consider all materials of our clients as highly confidential and all information will be kept and stored in accordance to UK Data Protection Laws as set out by the Information Commissioners Office.

Our Details

The full name of our company is Owl Investigations Ltd

We are registered in England and Wales under Registration Number 10334848

Our registered address is LS96SQ

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