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Owl Investigations Ltd – First Flight

Owl Investigations has recently gained new management and we are here to ensure you that the amazing private detective service you have received before is only going to improve as more experience, local knowledge and newer technology is added to Owl Investigations.

Owl Investigations are now able to offer highly experienced private detectives in Halifax and West Yorkshire which will take the industry and area by storm; all with a level of local knowledge that just isn’t available through larger private detective agencies in West Yorkshire.

X Three Surveillance Ltd are the company that have taken over the management of Owl Investigations in Halifax further to successfully completing numerous private investigations in Halifax and surrounding areas it was the obviously choice that these highly experienced private detectives in Halifax were to take on the management of Owl Investigations.

Owl Investigations will be able to offer a wide range of professional investigation services in West Yorkshire; all offered at a competitive price, using the latest technology and local detectives in Halifax that really know and understand the local area. Halifax based private detectives

We are able to offer employee investigations in Halifax so you can find out if the person you have employed really is as good as they claim, that they are on your side and that they can be trusted to work for your business and with confidential matters.

Our Halifax based private detectives can also investigate false injury claims in West Yorkshire allowing you to check if the injury really did happen in your business and the claimant is as badly hurt as they claim; our private detectives in Halifax will then give you the proof and evidence you need in court to prove the false injury claim.

The team here at Owl Investigations can also work on co-habitation surveillance in West Yorkshire to find out who is living in your property and if the parent of your child has a partner and therefore you are not paying too much child maintenance for them. Halifax based private detectives

Perhaps you have been hearing odd sounds when you use your phone or competitors seem to know private things about your business? If this is a concern we offer a bug sweeping service in Halifax that will find and remove any bugs you have in your office so you have the peace of mind that your conversations are not being listened to secretly.

Some of our clients are concerned that their partners are cheating on them as they are always running late home, working extra hours or suddenly working away more – if this is a concern you have why not contact us about our cheating partners service in Halifax, we can also offer a vehicle tracking service so you can find out where your partner is every 10 seconds within 5 metres of where they are. Halifax based private detectives

As well as all these private investigation services in Halifax we also offer surveillance in West Yorkshire which can be used for a number of cases and we can trace missing people whether these are old friends, long lost family members or debtors. Halifax based private detectives

Here at Owl Investigations we will still offer the same high levels of service, competitive prices and professionalism; but with the added bonus of additional experience and latest technology; call us now to see how we can help you.

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