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Employee Investigations

Owl Investigations Ltd

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Employee Investigations

Welcome to Owl Investigations employee investigations information. We’ve been in operation since 2001 and came under new ownership in August 2017. As members of the UK Professional Investigators Network, you can rest assured that your faith in our employee investigation services is never misplaced.

Our highly skilled and experienced specialists work with any size enterprise on issues which may seem trivial but are causing anxiety, through to confirming guilt of inappropriate activities.

Owl Investigations Ltd – Employee Investigations

Owl Investigations - Employee Investigations

Owl Investigations Ltd – We’re Local & Specialise in Helping Local Firms

We understand at Owl Investigations that hiring professionals feels like a huge step. It is, but it’s rarely an overreaction or unnecessary. Follow your instincts. Replace suspicion and doubt with facts and evidence, it’s a positive step. It’s also a wholly confidential process. 

Peace of mind is a precious commodity and our abilities, resources, empathy and efficiency matched with our competitive pricing make a considerable difference to our employee investigations clients; they can move forward confidently.

Employee Investigations

Our Services

How confident are you that field-based employees’ safety requirements and their timesheets are being accurately completed? There is a cost effective and confidential solution available from Owl Investigations: GPS vehicle tracking devices. 

Undercover monitoring of employees by trained operatives able to conceal their true purpose, achieve results and blend with the team is rewarding. In some employee investigations, an avenue to pursue is a lie detector test which measures activity around the body from heart and blood pressure to perspiration and breathing patterns. The uncontrollable non-verbal responses inform us more than words; every physiological alteration is transmitted and reflected on a graph.

Fraudulent sick leave and compensation claims are on the increase; as opportunity and greed collide, people are motivated to obtain financial reward for lying and laziness. For example, an injury at work compensation claim that was no more than a graze at the time but has resulted in a substantial claim for a bad back and an inability to work.

There’s a legion of legal eagles and cold calling claims management firms. Compensation culture means claims are plentiful and frequently embellished or bogus. Beware the “Ambulance Chasers.”

Owl Investigations – Compensation Claim Investigators

Owl Investigations - Compensation Investigations

Employee Investigations

Perhaps week after week an absentee employee states that they are barely able to move, that they won’t seek further treatment from a doctor because of the drain on the N.H.S. (Or rather, to evade being found out.) They are not answering the door when H.R. visits but is this from pain or a reluctance to get off the sofa? Team morale and productivity are affected; efficient and accurate resolution is imperative.

You can ask us to investigate prolonged absences and suspicious claims. We have halted fraudulent claims and court cases by securing inadmissible evidence. Surveillance operations reveal the true extent of an incapacity. Surveillance is carried out undercover, in-vehicle or by following a subject on foot; it requires dedication, concentration and quick responses to achieve results.

When highly sensitive data is reaching a rival, you may suspect a leak at management or director level. It must be halted immediately with employee monitoring to protect the business and the workforce. Industrial espionage is not only in the movies and books.

Moonlighting employees are prone to take time off from one job to facilitate the other; seldom is the tax office told. You’re paying for an employee to abuse your trust. Allow our operatives to stop this.

Owl Investigations employee investigations team is innovative, flexible, industry accredited, vetted and registered with the relevant authorities. Owl Investigations is proud to have an excellent reputation based on consummate professionalism, case planning and execution. We are happy to share the positive testimonials from past clients.

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Is it legal to hire Owl Investigations employee investigations team?

Hiring an investigator is legal in most cases; it is also ethical and perfectly permitted. Our investigators are familiar with privacy, including GDPR, and other pertinent laws which affect employee investigation work and we never break the law or act outside of industry guidelines.

Breaking GDPR, throughout the EU, can result in a fine of as much as 4% of global turnover or €20 million. Don’t take the risk; trust us to fulfil your brief compliantly. For example, employees are not to be monitored when not at work. This counts as an invasion of privacy. 

Owl Investigations – Specialists in Employee Investigations

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Case study

Company A’s H.R. manager was informed by a shaken employee that a male co-worker had behaved inappropriately towards them, used derogatory language and that they couldn’t bear to work in the same office as this person any longer.

An Owl Investigations female investigator was sent in to work undercover; her cover story was that she was a temp, a replacement for the absent female employee.

The person named in the sexual harassment incident wasted no time trying to ingratiate himself with the investigator and was overbearing. This wasn’t an offence, so she bided her time. Within a couple of days, the man had become very “hands on” whenever he helped her and made suggestive “Carry on film” style, then lewd comments.

Discreet inquiries were made; it was “his way” and didn’t seem to cause distress with the other women in the workplace, except one who avoided him.

H.R. and our operative presented an opportunity but did not in any way encourage the man to follow “the temp” or to check on her progress as she worked on a task in a side office alone. However, within 10 minutes our operative was propositioned and handled inappropriately.

His rationale being that she “wanted” him to do so. She did not. He was recorded throughout the incident and audio and visual proof was obtained. He was removed from the workplace.
The female worker returned, confident that she was safe.

It transpired that this lady was not the only victim; 2 others had been frightened to speak out.

Don’t bear the weight of suspicion. Please call us today to secure effective employee issue resolution.

Putting your employees under investigation is usually the last option and can be a sensitive issue also a minefield within employment law. To ensure you employ the employee investigation specialists let Owl Investigations take control.

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