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Employee Investigations Blog

Employee Investigations

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How employees can negatively impact on your business.

A fair wage for a fair day’s work – Employee investigations.

Many employees are honest, work hard and are glad to receive their salary, however there’s a small percentage who mix greed and opportunity to secure a pay day unscrupulously. Worryingly, dishonest claims have steadily risen over the past few years. Employers must act to defend themselves and their businesses.

What our employee investigations investigate.

  • Moonlighting
  • Abuse of sick leave.
  • Personal injury claims.
  • Theft of money or stock, and even fuel.

If you suspect that an employee is taking time off but could be working elsewhere, therefore earning twice, this cannot continue. Essentially fraud, it’s highly likely that not all monies earned are declared to the tax office. Via surveillance, GPS vehicle tracking devices and undercover investigations, our investigators will remove doubt.

An employee remains on sick leave for a prolonged time, is receiving sick pay and as time passes it seems to you to be an unreasonable duration and/or incompatible with their complaint you are within your rights as an employer to confirm that there is no deception. Owl Investigations carry out surveillance, garner high definition quality evidence and produce a report which you can use for disciplinary or legal proceedings if the case is found to be fraudulent. A biproduct of one employee getting away with an unchallenged long absence, with pay, is that resentment, a lack of motivation and possible copycat cases could ensue.

In today’s compensation culture, it is sadly becoming more common for an employee who injures themselves at work to submit a claim against the company. Not all claims will be genuine; the possibility of a large pay-out from falsifying or exaggerating injuries means that some people turn to fraudulent activity. Owl Investigations specialists are highly experienced at ascertaining the validity of claims and we have provided evidence which has halted court action.   

For example, X claimed that they’d pulled several tendons, could barely move thanks to a back injury and that they were unable to work. We found that this did not affect their ability to shop, drive, collect the children from school, go to the pub or the gym. Case solved, and claim dismissed.

If money, small amounts of under £20 perhaps, go missing over a period of days or weeks, is this a training issue or something more sinister? Undercover operatives, lie detector tests and marking money are just a few measures which catch a thief.

As an employer, you’ll want to believe that your employees would not be dishonest and act to the detriment of their colleagues, if not you. An impartial investigation from our team is cost effective, efficient and yields indisputable results.

Owl Investigations employee investigation specialists are conversant with the legal aspects of investigations and when surveillance may be applied.  It is essential to follow the legislation which an employment tribunal would require. Don’t take any chances, work with us to achieve positive outcomes.

Our employee investigation specialists remove doubt and with facts, restore an employer’s peace of mind. 

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