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What Does A Corporate Private Detective Do?

Here at Owl Investigations we offer personal private detectives as well as corporate private detectives. Many business clients are unsure if they need a personal private detective or a corporate private detective.

More often than not, a business client will need a corporate private detective. In this blog post we look at what a corporate private detective does and how they can help you and your business.

Loss Prevention

Are their losses taking place in your business? This could be theft inside your workplace for example. A corporate private detective can pose as a new employee or fake customer for your business and help uncover the truth. If there is theft within your business our detectives will uncover it. This will help towards the loss prevention within your business.

Claim Investigation

Do you think that an employee is making a false claim against your business for a fall in the workplace or sickness for example? Our claim investigation detectives will run a surveillance project on your behalf and see if the employee is as sick or injured as they claim. This can also be done for potential false customer claims too.

Banking Fraud

Have you noticed that there is less money in the business bank account than there should be? Perhaps less money is showing in your cash flow or something doesn’t seem quite right with your banking? We can look into your business and your banking to see if banking fraud is taking place.

Background Checks

While a candidates CV may look good, how much do you really know about them? The candidate may have references but do they seem too good to be true, or just a little bit suspicious? If it feels like there is something not quite right about a new potential candidate, why not use our background checks service?


These are just some of the services that a corporate private detective can do for you business. Call us now to see how we could help you. All calls will be dealt with in complete confidence.


Your Checklist For A Cheating Partner

Owl Investigations Ltd

 Your Checklist For A Cheating Partner

West Yorkshires Local Investigator

Your Checklist For A Cheating Partner

When you think your partner is cheating on you it is a horrible feeling. You feel like you’re going mad, friends tell you that you’re crazy for thinking that and your partner blames the way you feel on your past. Yet still, that feeling that you have a cheating partner stays within your gut.

If you have a cheating partner there will be certain behaviours and characteristics that will change about them. In this blog post we have put together a checklist for a cheating partner. Take a look at the list below and see how your partner scores.

  • Is your partners’ computer locked with a password when it wasn’t before? Are they are unwilling to let you use it, when this was never a problem before?
  • Has your partner got a new mobile phone suddenly, and seems to have no reason for having a new phone?
  • Perhaps your partner suddenly has to work late into the evening or work away some nights?
  • Have they start saying ‘you’re just paranoid’ all the time you ask about anything in their work or personal life?
  • Has your partner stopped letting the kids play games on their phone, when this was a regular occurrence before?
  • Maybe their routine has changed, they are washing more, buying new clothes or wearing a different aftershave or perfume?
  • Does your partner have a new credit card or there have been unusual amounts leaving the joint account?
  • Have the bills stopped coming to your house and they are being emailed to your partner instead.

If you have found yourself nodding to one or more of these questions then it is likely that your partner is cheating on you. This checklist for a cheating partner points are often the first signs that your partner is cheating on you.

While this is not real proof or evidence that you are being cheated on, they are signs that you could have a cheating partner. It may mean that your suspicions are right and you should follow that gut feeling.

If you want to catch your cheating partner then call our team. We have specialists private investigators that catch cheating partners. They will give you all the evidence and proof you need. You can then decide what you will do next, but your fears and worries will have been resolved.

Cohabitation Investigations

Co Habitation Investigations

Owl Investigations

West Yorkshires Private Investigator

Co Habitation Investigations


What is a co-habitation investigation?

Co-habitation investigations are required for two primary reasons:

  1. When an ex-partner is suspected of claiming financial support although they have a new live in partner and are therefore ineligible for these payments. This is fraud and includes the fair share of assets, CSA claims, housing benefits.
  2. New partner background checks and thorough investigations look at the new person in the home environment and ascertain whether your children are safe in their company.


If you believe that your ex-partner could be exploiting you financially, you could be correct. Owl Investigations handles numerous co-habitation investigations each year and we’ve witnessed the increase in occasions when fraud is being perpetrated as exes continue to claim support despite a change in circumstances. When an ex isn’t playing fair, why should they be allowed to live from your earnings? Child maintenance isn’t an issue, you’re happy to pay that and to ensure that your offspring have the best life possible.

Who is the new person in the family home? Are they honest, principled and worthy of being around your children? You obviously want to know that your children are safe at all times.

Suspicions don’t help you sleep at night or pay your bills. Choose to obtain facts using professional resources.

Private Investigator in West Yorkshire

Surveillance is a fundamental tool in co-habitation investigations and although it looks simple enough to the uninitiated, it is a specialist field. Could you ask questions in the local area or watch a property over days and weeks to secure the truth without appearing suspicious or betraying confidentiality?  


When is spousal maintenance paid?

According to the Money Advice Service when a relationship breaks down there are two options, a clean break and a lump sum payment, or financial support is agreed to the party who cannot support themselves without assistance. The amount varies according to circumstances including how much you need to live, income in possession already and potential earnings.

Did you know that if co-habitation circumstances do not alter and the union was a long one, the spousal support can last until death? When an ex-partner is unable to work, it can be paid for life. However, if the marriage lasts for less than five years, spousal maintenance may not be appropriate or a short term maintenance called a term order may be instigated. 

The financial support ceases when:

  • The person receiving spousal maintenance remarries or enters another civil partnership.
  • The agreed payment term ends.
  • Either you or the ex-partner passes away and there is no life insurance to continue payments.

Maintenance doesn’t always stop if the ex-partner lives with a new partner without marrying or entering a civil partnership, although this can be a reason for the person paying the sum to ask for a review.  

If you feel that one of Owl Investigations co-habitation investigations would prove beneficial, why not contact us today?

Employee Investigations Blog

Employee Investigations

Owl Investigations Ltd

How employees can negatively impact on your business.

A fair wage for a fair day’s work – Employee investigations.

Many employees are honest, work hard and are glad to receive their salary, however there’s a small percentage who mix greed and opportunity to secure a pay day unscrupulously. Worryingly, dishonest claims have steadily risen over the past few years. Employers must act to defend themselves and their businesses.

What our employee investigations investigate.

  • Moonlighting
  • Abuse of sick leave.
  • Personal injury claims.
  • Theft of money or stock, and even fuel.

If you suspect that an employee is taking time off but could be working elsewhere, therefore earning twice, this cannot continue. Essentially fraud, it’s highly likely that not all monies earned are declared to the tax office. Via surveillance, GPS vehicle tracking devices and undercover investigations, our investigators will remove doubt.

An employee remains on sick leave for a prolonged time, is receiving sick pay and as time passes it seems to you to be an unreasonable duration and/or incompatible with their complaint you are within your rights as an employer to confirm that there is no deception. Owl Investigations carry out surveillance, garner high definition quality evidence and produce a report which you can use for disciplinary or legal proceedings if the case is found to be fraudulent. A biproduct of one employee getting away with an unchallenged long absence, with pay, is that resentment, a lack of motivation and possible copycat cases could ensue.

In today’s compensation culture, it is sadly becoming more common for an employee who injures themselves at work to submit a claim against the company. Not all claims will be genuine; the possibility of a large pay-out from falsifying or exaggerating injuries means that some people turn to fraudulent activity. Owl Investigations specialists are highly experienced at ascertaining the validity of claims and we have provided evidence which has halted court action.   

For example, X claimed that they’d pulled several tendons, could barely move thanks to a back injury and that they were unable to work. We found that this did not affect their ability to shop, drive, collect the children from school, go to the pub or the gym. Case solved, and claim dismissed.

If money, small amounts of under £20 perhaps, go missing over a period of days or weeks, is this a training issue or something more sinister? Undercover operatives, lie detector tests and marking money are just a few measures which catch a thief.

As an employer, you’ll want to believe that your employees would not be dishonest and act to the detriment of their colleagues, if not you. An impartial investigation from our team is cost effective, efficient and yields indisputable results.

Owl Investigations employee investigation specialists are conversant with the legal aspects of investigations and when surveillance may be applied.  It is essential to follow the legislation which an employment tribunal would require. Don’t take any chances, work with us to achieve positive outcomes.

Our employee investigation specialists remove doubt and with facts, restore an employer’s peace of mind. 

Call us today – 01422 736013

[email protected]


Catching Cheating Partners

Owl Investigations Ltd

Catching Cheating Partners

West Yorkshires No1 Private Investigators


A cheating partner investigation can have positive results

This is Sue’s story and it will seem familiar, this is an increasingly regular problem in today’s world. Owl Investigations are pleased that we could help her and that she has been kind enough to share her situation.

“Hello. Owl Investigations probably saved my sanity. I was not eating properly, couldn’t sleep, my mind wouldn’t rest, it was constantly alert for clues. I was convinced that my marriage of 22 years was under threat. My son and daughter no longer lived at home so at first I wondered if I was suffering from empty nest syndrome.

Later, I made a list of changes in my husband, Roy. For about six weeks he’d been moody, uncommunicative, always too tired to do anything with me, he guarded his mobile phone as though it was made from gold and had bought three new suits for work to smarten up his appearance.  He went from a jumper and shirtsleeves man to a sharp suit wearer overnight.

When I explained my suspicions to a friend over lunch, tears included, she said her other half, Mike, had heard rumours but she hadn’t told me as they couldn’t be proven. Mike had seen him a few times driving in the opposite direction to our home instead of the normal commute route but again, this didn’t prove an affair.

When Roy went for a bath I opened his briefcase, he hadn’t locked it, thankfully. His bank statements were incriminating. Someone was dining at posh restaurants and enjoying spa days in the Yorkshire Dales, but it certainly wasn’t me.

Urged on by my friend who had a brother who’d used them to trace a debtor, I called Owl Investigations. I needed incontrovertible evidence before I challenged my cheating liar of a husband.

The man who answered the phone at Owl was friendly, sympathetic, logical and didn’t mind me wailing down the phone at him! Owl Investigations cheating partner investigation team member told me that instincts about cheating partners are rarely wrong, that I wasn’t paranoid, going mad or creating a nightmare scenario because the kids had left home and I was “bored.”

I was told how a cheating partner investigation would help me, the methods they used, from surveillance to GPS vehicle tracking devices and what the fee would be. It wasn’t as much as I’d imagined; and I would probably have paid more to have Roy caught out and sweating on what I would do next.

Owl Investigations kept surveillance, took photos of him and her and tracked his movements.

It’s been a difficult time, but he didn’t have a leg to stand on when it came to the divorce settlement. He realised that he’d thrown 22 years of marriage away on a fling but funnily enough called me unreasonable for not forgiving and forgetting. The kids were stunned that their dad could be deceitful.

I have found peace of mind again. He’s hanging on to the lover, but he’s not happy. He thinks she may cheat on him! Many thanks to Owl Investigations cheating partners investigation team.”

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