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Leeds Detectives

Leeds Detectives

Thank you for visiting Owl Investigations Leeds detectives’ online information.

Established in 2001 and under new management since August 2017, our team of specialists has the expertise, integrity, motivation and experience to deliver an accurate, cost-effective and timely investigation. We work for commercial and legal clients, government bodies and private individuals.

We’re based in Leeds and serve West Yorkshire, Huddersfield, Halifax, Bradford, Wakefield, Sheffield and the surrounding area. We can help you restore peace of mind.

Our discreet Leeds detectives are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and are industry approved, work within the law and follow detective work guidelines as UK Professional Investigators Network members.

The team members have passed stringent tests to gain employment and receive training and new technology instruction to maintain optimum service standards.

Amongst the Services we offer private detectives in Leeds specialise in;black

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Owl Investigators – Your Local Investigator

  • Investigations and undercover investigations – Our Leeds detectives meticulously plan and execute every investigation.
  • Surveillance – Surveillance delivers incontrovertible results. Visual proof is always provided in high definition. On foot, in vehicle, solo, tandem or in teams, our specialists don’t miss opportunities.
  • Lie detector tests – As qualified lie detector test providers Owl Investigations team can assess physiological data to confirm if the subject is lying.
  • Background checks – Does a job candidate seem too good to be true? Is your ex’s new partner a safe person to have around your children? We can check.
  • Cheating partners – Owl Investigations Leeds detectives objectively assess whether your relationship is in jeopardy. Three is a crowd and you deserve better so if you feel unsettled, ask us to find out why.
  • Co-habitation investigations – When someone claims financial support from an ex-partner and they have a new partner this constitutes fraud because they are ineligible for payments.
  • Moonlighting – Employees sometimes decide to work for more than one company at the same time; our Leeds detectives will discern the truth.
  • Fraudulent sick leave – Our Leeds detectives evaluate the situation and provide proof of the honesty of staffs absence.  
  • Fraudulent compensation claims – We are experienced at ascertaining the integrity of a compensation claim. Our evidence can halt court action when fraud is revealed.
  • Employee investigations – This term covers circumstances from theft to intimidation, alcohol abuse to ignoring legislation, discrimination to industrial espionage.
  • Vehicle tracking – Our Leeds detectives use cutting-edge GPS tracking devices on a company fleet or single vehicle. Cheating partners and field staff can be tracked accurately. Readings can be taken every ten seconds with five metre accuracy. Text alerts, stoppage times, speed and progress data is recorded. Information is viewable via password access.
  •  Bugging device sweeping – Audio and visual devices are widely purchasable online and are being increasingly used.
  • Subletting issues – Is a tenant subletting your property, causing damage or disturbances to neighbours?
  • Tracing individuals – We find people on a “no find, no fee” basis. Many tracing investigations are resolved within 48 hours of client contactWe’re based in Halifax and primarily serve West Yorkshire, Leeds, Bradford, Huddersfield, Wakefield, Sheffield and the surrounding area. However, we also have an extensive network of national and international colleagues. Owl Investigations Halifax detectives will get you results through hard work, dedication and professionalism.

Our Leeds Detectives will help you with;

Cheating Partner Investigations in Leeds

Surveillance Services in Leeds

Tracing in Leeds

Vehicle Tracking in Leeds

Bug Sweeping in Leeds

Employee Investigations in Leeds

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