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Owl PI Flushes Out The Fraudsters

Life is a juggling act for most of us. There are relationships to negotiate, families to look after, work to attend to and of course the endless bills to pay. Sometimes its a wonder that any of us have any time for fun or laughter but we all usually find a way to keep a balance and plod along regardless, reasonably content with our lot.

There are a few however who see a chance to change their luck by duping the system. Whilst these people are in the minority and definitely are not representative of society at large, their actions affect all of us in a variety of ways. I am of course talking about the insurance fraudsters. Insurance is there for a reason, we pay our premiums so that we are protected in the face of an accident but some take advantage of their insurance and seek pay outs where none is appropriate and if they succeed we end up paying higher premiums.

Here at Owl PI we regularly work on behalf of Insurance companies who suspect individuals are making fraudulent claims. Our highly trained Professional Investigators are able to apply their skills in these scenarios and flush out the fraudsters and support those who are genuine. Our Surveillance teams are second to none and with all the latest high-tech equipment at their disposal they are able to capture both audibly and visually exactly what the suspect is doing. Their actions will be documented in full so that a legally acceptable report can submitted to the client.

Owl PI has an eager eye for detail and a ruthless desire for the facts and just like our Barn Owl logo, however murky or dark the situation we will root out the truth. This is not only good for our clients and good for our reputation but also great for the public at large since the more fraudsters are caught the less likely the rest of us are to be forking out for higher premiums.

If you are a company wrestling with suspect Insurance Claims

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Why small is beautiful at Owl Private Investigators

Finding the right Private Investigator is as challenging and emotional as finding the right doctor or dentist. Detective Agencies are dealing with your most personal and private affairs, so how do you find a firm that you can trust?

The very nature of the private investigator’s business means that you cannot rely on word of mouth or public recommendation, for many are loathe to admit they have used these services and are certainly not keen to broadcast their experiences. So how is an individual or even a corporate body to decide who they should spend their hard earned cash on and trust with their intimate or business secrets?

For many the answer to this question lies in search engines and google rankings, however as we all become more savvy about the internet we also know that rankings can be easily manipulated and a presence on the first page of google is no guarantee of reputation.

So if it is so difficult to find an appropriate firm with the appropriate skill set, training and expertise, what does someone in need of a Private Investigator do? Here are some leading questions that may help to unravel these dilemmas.

One of the first answers to uncover is, what area does the company claim to cover? You may think that if a company claims to have national coverage they must be the best however this is rarely the case. Individual detectives across the country will network to get a job done, out-sourcing to other companies and individuals, over whom they have no control regarding ethics or quality control and which inevitably adds a cost to cover this sub contracted work.

Owl PI simply does not do this, we are the Premier Detective agency in the North of England and pride ourselves on this fact. Our operatives are all locally based, have undergone our own specific training programme and are used to working together as teams. Should a job come to us from out of our specific area we may still try to help you but it will be our teams who work on your behalf not other sub contracted individuals.

This is why here at Owl PI we believe small is not only beautiful but powerful and efficient as well like the barn owl that we use as our logo. Our own training programme that each prospective employee must undergo is a rigorous test  to ensure that each staff member is familiar and competent with not only our huge range of high tech Surveillance and Counter Surveillance equipment, but that under pressure and where teamwork is vital, all of Our Services and procedures are consistently and faithfully adhered to.  This level of control and regulation of our staff ensures that as a client you can rely on the same level of professionalism time and time again. This is also why we can match any genuine quote, we simply do not have to add on any extra costs by outsourcing work.

Fortunately here at Owl PI, our google rankings match our claims.  As the premier Detective Agency in the North Of England we have your needs covered and we stand by that 100 per cent..

Owl Private Investigators Takes you under its wing

However wonderful a wedding day might be, the break up of a marriage, a civil partnership or lengthy co-habitation can be a stressful and gruelling business. Some couples are able to agree to an amicable parting of the ways but for many, the legal, emotional and financial burdens become unbearable. It can be a bewildering time juggling lawyers, custody battles and maintaining the daily work schedule and then there are the facts!

Without the right facts at your disposal and with a difficult, uncommunicative ex partner or spouse, the uncomfortable process of separation can become even worse and even more challenging. Few people think of using the services of a Private Investigator believing that they should struggle on and sort out their own affairs, but in reality it could make their lives so much easier.

Here at Owl Private Investigators we understand the difficulties that relationship breakdowns can cause and are sensitive to the minefield of emotions that are experienced. However as experienced professionals we are able to step into the situation, obtain the facts you require and take a small part of the burden off your shoulders.

We offer a range of services which may suit your particular needs, from Tracing an individual, Tracking their movements, to putting them under Surveillance or in the worst case providing you with Close Protection from one of our highly trained male or female bodyguards.

That’s only for pop-stars or celebrities, you might think, but that is simply not the case. We offer the same discerning, dedicated service to all of our clients no matter how big or small the case. When you call us, one of our senior investigators will talk through your case with you and assess what it is that you need and find the quickest, most effective and cheapest way of providing you with the facts you require.

When you’re going through a bewildering separation, call the professionals and trust that with our knowledge and expertise and high-tech state of the art equipment we can protect you from any further stress.

Let Owl PI Take You Under Its Wing And Call Us Now

Owl Private Investigators Spreads its wings

Owl Private Investigators is proud to announce that the launch of our new website coincides with the opening of two new offices in Manchester and Lancaster, which means the reliability, efficiency and diligence that we have built our reputation on since 2001 is now available to a wider clientele in the North of England.  This is an extension to our Head Office in Halifax and does not effect our established business in any way.

We have taken our time to make this move to ensure that experienced operatives who have worked with us for over a decade are established in these new areas and there is a seamless expansion in our business.

Owl Private Investigators is NOT an agency, we employ real people,who have all completed our surveillance training course, who solve real problems. This expansion simply means we are able to offer those services on which we have built our reputation to a wider public and can even use our expanding network to improve our ability to Solve Your Problems. Be assured that whether you are seeking to resolve Matrimonial Issues or expose workplace or corporate issues we are there as always to provide a solution.

As ever Owl Private Investigators, prides itself on the personal touch. Each case it dealt with on an individual basis. You will talk and meet with the operative in charge of your particular issue and develop a package that suits your pocket and your aims.

Integrity and Discretion are our buzz words here at Owl Private Investigators. Check out our Services page and familiarise yourself with all the skills we have at our disposal. State of the art Surveillance and Counter Surveillance equipment, Close Protection and investigating False Insurance Claims are only a fraction of the ways in which we can help you.

Don’t hesitate to call us to Solve Your Problems – Its Our Business.